Ok, now you know why we DJ’s need to write down the Bride and Groom’s names on a sheet a paper and look at it all night. In my last 3 weeks, there has been a consecutively shared name from each wedding A Becky, 2 Matts, 2 Traceys, and a Kyle. Geesh. My wedding this last week was a blast. It was held at Arlington Hall at Lee Park Now I must say, the renovation on that place is amazing. I had DJ’d there about 10 years ago, when I was first starting out, and it was falling apart and ugly for that matter. It now is a 5 star venue (In my honest opinion) with marble and wood floors through out. The food was incredible, the decor is beautiful, the load in was extremely easy (yay!) and you could not have asked for better weather. The ceremony was outside with the reception inside and they kept the doors open all night. It never once got too hot or cold. I have to admit, I was a little nervous going into this wedding because I was up sick the whole night before. So on minimal sleep, I was digging up every ounce up energy and enthusiasm I could muster (thank you Diet Coke). Plus, Matt and Tracey and their family/friends were so much fun!!! From the very start as the bridal party and other vendors showed up, I knew this was going to be an awesome night. Joseph Mark was the photographer,Dallas Digital shot all the video, and Marisa, the Director of Catering for Arlington Hall (and looks exactly like my sister), were total professionals and fun to work with. BBJ Linen did all the decorating with maize linens, set off with a deep blue 2″ border around the top of the table. I wish I would have brought my camera. When Joesph gets the pics up, I’ll lll link to it. Garden Gate did a fantastic job on the floral arrangements and the cake was made by Panini Cakes. Also, a nice dessert was served later on, Paciugo (too bad I was working, so I refrained from having some, I’ll have to goto the one in Addison to get my Paciugo fix) Also, we had a Pipe and Drape backdrop added to the stage from Lite Dallas and it was back lit with a gold wash to match the color of the walls in the room. This shortened up the deep stage, plus it added a visual pop to the room. Sorry for boring you with all the vendor details, I just like to recognize great professionals who are 1) great to work with, and 2) make the overall event that much more classier, elegant, and fun.