Jill and Jeff had met at a party while in Law School in October of 2004. After offering to give her a ride home (from said party) as well as an IM chat that lead into the night that evening, the two began to date and quickly fell in love. If you’re curious how you could introduce yourself to a beautiful, yet random, stranger at a party during the month of October, then maybe try Jeff’s introductory line… “For Halloween, My friends and I are forming the crew of Gilligan’s Island, would you be interested in being our Mary Ann?” As I look back to April, one really cool aspect of their reception, was their choice of location. They chose 7Senses (link above) which is actually a furniture and art work design facility, that the owner decided to double as a private event venue. What better way to showcase your artwork and designs, then by allowing people to come in and be surrounded by them during a reception or party. Every table was unique and every room was different. If dancing was not your thing, there were endless pieces of artwork, designs and furniture to look at and discuss. Another cool aspect of their reception, was that Jeff and Jill decided to allow me to present their “Love Story” which is an option I give all my clients. With out spending too much time on it… This is where my clients expose to me about how they met, how they fell in love, why they fell in love, how the proposal took place…. the reason they are getting married. I then compile this into their story and present to their guest. (Which is why I knew what line Jeff used to introduce himself to Jill) I have to tell you…. I had to be cautious about reading this particular story to my wife…. at least the proposal part. (I read them to Jessica as practice and to gain feedback) Jeff proposed to Jill on a hillside amongst a private vineyard (which they snuck into) at sunset in San Giminano, Italy as they sipped wine. My wife, being Italian, and has always wanted to go to Italy.. and loves wine (who doesn’t) would kill to have had that as our engagement. (Thanks for setting the bar high Jeff) A humorous moment of their proposal was as they stood to watch the sunset, Jeff dropped to one knee to propose. Jill, not expecting a proposal, thought we was ducking from the owners of the vineyard. (since they had snuck into this hillside private vineyard) So as he looked up at her with the ring in his hand, she wasn’t there.. She was right down on her knees with him, staring him directly in the face. Once she realized what was going on, and Jeff had persuaded her to stand back up, he proposed. Awesome on so many levels!!!
That’s why I love weddings! Playing music that people love and dance to is great… but even better is learning about all the reasons and ways that my clients meet, fall in love, propose, Why they are getting married and having a reception to celebrate that fact… That is what fuels my addiction to my role as a Master of Ceremonies and DJ at wedding receptions.