Venue: Belo Mansion
Coordinators: Trudy and Sarah Lagniappe Weddings
Photographer: Gary Donihoo – f8 Studio
Videographer: Turquoise Video
Florist: The Wildflower
Centerpiece Pin Spotting: Lite Dallas

This was the first wedding of 2008 for me, as I blocked out January, February and March because we knew we were expecting our 2nd son Aiden in January and I wanted time to get acclimated to being a father of 2. I also have to admit, that I was slightly nervous about this event (and the rest of 2008 for that matter) about 1 month earlier when I went in for surgery on my right forearm. I had a near golf ball sized Lipoma Tumor form in my arm and it was shutting down the nerve communications to my right hand, which happens to be my dominant hand. So I was mainly hoping and praying that all went well so Casey and Jennifer wouldn’t have a 1 armed DJ at their wedding. Luckily the surgery went great and I only had to wear a wrist splint, which I took off for the wedding. So besides having a somewhat funny grip on the Mic, all went well. With Trudy and Sarah running the coordination side of things, I knew that I would be working with an awesome team. Which was correct. Casey and Jennifer had hiredGary Donihoo to shoot the wedding (He took the photo of them shown above) and Turquoise to video, who are some of Dallas’s best and sought after wedding professionals.

Casey and Jennifer were great to work with and here are the items that stick out in my mind from this event.

Jennifer’s Uncle put together a great CD of music for the cocktail hour. It contained all sorts of music, both up tempo and slow, which made for a unique and eclectic cocktail hour.

Casey and Jennifer also had a photo montage made and Phillip (my assistant) and I stopped by Hotel Zaza on our way to the Belo to pick up the DVD and Projector from Casey. He had borrowed a projector from work and it failed to work the night before during the test run, so his company overnighted him another one, so I offered to pick it up so he wouldn’t have to worry about it. During setup, the AV tech from the Belo Mansion plugged the audio from the DVD player into the house sound system, which happend to be on and turned all the way up. This in turn caused a horribly lound pop and crack through out the room. To make maters more humorous… That happened at the exact moment that Phillip had plugged in our lighting rig. So he thought the lighting was blowing up, I jumped because I thought it was my sound system asploded and everyone else jumped, because it was loud and every where. We all laughed afterwards once we realized what happend. The photo montage was awesome and had a great soundtrack to fit the different sections of the show. So setup humor aside, it was a great montage.

The Wildflower did awesome centerpieces and they were set off with precise pin spotting done by Lite Dallas. If you have ever been in the Belo Mansion Pavillion, the cielings are extremley high. I now have more respect for lighting crews, after watching these guys climb up probably the tallest a-frame ladder available and jumping them around the room (or Ladder Walking as they call it) to hang and aim the lights. Also, a table had to be moved forward and the light crew was gone As the coordinator at the Belo was looking up Ryan and Andy’s number to call the team back, I offered to climb up the ginormous ladder and re-aim the light. Let’s just say, I had two people holding the ladder stable for me, where as the guys from Lite Dallas would just run up the ladder solo and wobble all around with no fear of falling. Those guys are definately pros.

Congratulations Jennifer and Casey!!!