Wow, 2007 looks to be a great year for my DJ business. I have already matched 2006 and we are only in March. The funny “Murphy’s Law” about booking these weekends, is that people always request the same weekends. I think a lot has to do with the planning process of looking at when schools let out, holidays, and good travel dates. One date in particular is 7/7/07. I booked that date a while back and have gotten about 1 request for that particular date about every other week.

Here is a great piece of software I found for MegaSeg DJ’s or any Mac DJs. It’s called Tangerine and it can be found here What it does is scans your entire mp3 library and analyzes the BPM. It only costs $25 and it will update all the tags with the discovered BPM. There are a couple of apps like this on the PC, like mixmeister’s free bpm finder, which could always find the BPM, but it never updated the tags correctly. So anyways.. I bought Tangerine and it did a pretty accurate job with the exception of the usual double or halved bpm that many algorithms are susceptible to. The original intention of the software was to help people make playlists based on the BPM (For working out, resting, reading, etc..), but it works great for us DJ’s. I had Megaseg re-import all the tags and now I can tap the = button and then do a little tweaking to get the speed just right.