A very special Father Daughter dance from Brooke and Jayson's wedding reception on October 01 2011 at Ashton Gardens. Using a custom recording, we created an unforgettable moment for Brooke and her father as well as the guests.

Father Daughter Dance + Custom Recording = Unforgettable from Seth Hoisington on Vimeo.


Ceremony Location: Northeast Wedding Chapel
Reception Location:  McDavid Studio @ Bass Hall
Caterer: City Kitchen Catering
Photographer: BluDoor Studios (their blog entry of event)
Videographer: Honbun Videos
Florist: Mid Cities Florist
Cake Baker: Confections in Cake
Limo Driver: Romantic Remembrances (Black 1939 Cadillac Touring car)
Photo Booth:  Booth66 (Their blog entry of the event)

Allison and Jason were an awesome couple to work with, as well as the team of vendors they assembled for their reception!  I remember it raining when I arrived at the McDavid Studio and then the rain quickly moved on.  Part of me wonders if that was the last of the rain before the summer hit :)  Once their guests arrived, they quickly engaged with the photo booth provided by Booth 66 and had a blast taking many different pictures using all the different props they provided.  Once Allison and Jason arrived, it was time for dinner, a Love Story and then some dancing.  Topped of with an exit in a Black 1939 Cadillac Touring car provided by Romantic Remembrances.  Be sure to see BluDoor's blog entry for more pictures from the reception as well as Booth66's blog entry for pictures from the photo booth!


First Dance: "Into the Mystic" by Van Morrison
Allison and her Father: "Father and Daughter" by Paul Simon
Jason and his Mother: "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts
Cake Cutting: "Brown Sugar" by The Rolling Stones
Bouquet Toss: "American Woman" by Lenny Kravitz
Garter Toss: "Eminence Front" into "Foxy Lady"
Last Dance: "Swayin' to the Music" by Johnny Rivers 


Three words that would describe your envisioned wedding reception
1:  Party
2:  Romantic
3:  Exciting

Side Note:
Reason many guys kept staring at their phones during the dinner that  evening...  
Dallas Mavericks edge the OKC Thunder to secure 2-1 lead in Semi-Finals


Leigh and Kenneth married in Austin TX

Ceremony and Reception Venue:  Starhill Ranch (in Austin Texas)
Caterer: Austin Catering
Photographer: Katherine O’Brien Photography (Blog Entry)
Florist: Wow Factor Design
Coordinator: Christina Lewis of Wedding Warriors
Cake Baker:  Laura Eliel of Bittersweet Cakes and Catering

Leigh was pretty much my honorary little sister when growing up.  Her brother and I were best friends from about 5th? grade through high school before we got so busy with life, college and such.  She tagged along on many weekend water skiing trips and followed Will and I around as we goofed off.  I even DJ'd Leigh's R.L. Turner Sr. Prom in 1999 (I was 95' alum).  Her and Will's mother was pretty much my second mom, just two houses down.  Well leave it to the facebook machine that brings people back together, for Leigh to discover that I still DJ.  While Leigh and Kenneth now live in Denver and work for the ever so popular Container Store corporation, they were planning their wedding and reception in Austin TX.  She sent me an inquiry and I told her I would be glad to do it.  Plus, who doesn't want to turn down a road trip to Austin.  So I loaded up my van, plus about $100 worth of gas and headed south.
(van is aka the "black beast" aka "A Team Van" aka "Jack Bauer CTU van"  aka ....)  With Pandora providing the soundtrack for the roadtrip, a random stop or two for an energy drink and some Ritz Bits (road trip staples next to that of Pringles), perfect weather and no cops... it was a great day for a drive.  (ok, there were some cops, I just wasn't speeding... When you drive a van that looks like mine, you get pulled over randomly...alot) Once I got to Austin, I grabbed some Sonic and checked into my hotel room at the Mountain Star Logde.  For my trip back the next day, I decided to do a little Social Networking experiment.  Pandora was only playing music that I thought of to "seed" it's decision engine with on the drive down.  I decided to allow my friends on facebook to each make one artist request (good or bad) and I would be forced to add it all to one station called "Road Trip" (click if you're brave)  I put the poll on facebook and then took a quick nap before heading over to setup for the ceremony and reception at Starhill Ranch.  With it being May, you make a gamble on what the weather will be like and luckily, the weather that day was just right.  Not to hot.. Not to cold.  For the ceremony, I provided a speaker, mics for the minister, readers and singer, as well as a DI patch for the singer's guitar.  Once the ceremony was over, I transitioned to the reception hall and provided music out on the patio for the cocktailing portion of the evening.  After introducing the bridal party and having a welcome, I handed the microphone over to Will to bless that evenings dinner.  After dinner it was time to do their Love Story and then their first dance, which was originally supposed to happen inside, but the weather was so nice and we had opened all the windows up, everyone involved, agreed that the patio would be a more suitable place, so they danced on the patio.  In fact, we decided that the patio would be our new dance floor.  It was cooler out there, you got to see the hill country and it just complimented the atmosphere better.  The night couldn't have gone better and everyone had a great time.  (plus, while tearing down, I learned that the Mavs won game 3 against the Lakers that night)  For more great pictures, check out Katherine O’Brien Photography blog entry here.


Introductions: "Love You Madly" by Cake   (one of my personal favorites)
First Dance: "Please" by Austin Based Band (and friends to Leigh and Kenneth) Nelo (Awesome song, check them out)
Combined Parent Dance: "On the Wings of Love" by Jeffrey Osbourne
Last Dance: "Kiss" by Prince and then "Now That We Found Love" by Heavy D & The Boyz

When Asked: (I ask all my clients this in planning)

Three words that would describe your envisioned wedding reception
1: Relaxed
2: Original
3: Texan

What are you most nervous about your wedding day and or reception?

Kenneth: We want our wedding and reception to reflect who we are as a unique couple.  We buck the trend a lot and question common traditions that have been played out too many times before.

I am nervous that our guests won’t let themselves relax fully and embrace something new in a wedding experience.  We want this wedding to reflect how much we love our friends and family, how much we love Texas, and how much the details mean for us - for their enjoyment.  We put others first, and even on our special day, this is important to us.

Leigh: I’m nervous that people will want to leave early, so I want the reception to be fun to keep people there longer!


At the end of the evening, they commented on how I achieved all those things and more.  I give their friends and family some of that credit as well.  They were extremely fun, polite and helped make the evening what it was.

Dallas Rhythms would ike to congratulate the Dallas Mavericks on winning the Western Conference Finals and advancing to the NBA Finals.  If you are planning a NBA Finals party and you need a DJ or lighting... Feel free to contact me for pricing and info!

Venue:  333 First Avenue
Photographer:  Clint of Vim Studios (click photo for his blog)
Caterer:  Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Cakes:  Dot Lawson Cakes - (972) 239-3887
Florist:  Florist: Beth Sanarelli
Photo Booth: Premiere Booth

Brandon and Perrin had a great wedding reception at 333 First Avenue in Downtown Dallas.  I provided the uplights around the room, cake pin spotting as well as the Music and MC.  Her friends and family provided the fun atmosphere.  Perrrin's father even requested to Dougie (which he did with the groomsmen) and wanted to "Do It Like Bernie" but I lacked that particular song in my inventory.  Even with wifi, it was unavailable with the exception of the YouTube video.  All and all it was a great night capped off with a private last dance to "Are You Going to Kiss Me Or Not" by Thompson Square.


First Dance:  "Book of Love" by Peter Gabriel
Father Daughter Dance:  "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman
Mother Son Dance:  "The Breath You Take" by George Strait
Bouquet Toss:  "Single Ladies" by Beyonce'
Garter Toss (on a football):  "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen and "FOX NFL Theme Song"

Clicking the photo to the left will take you to Clint's Blog of the event, plus more awesome photos he took that night.








Photo taken by Clint of Vim Studio